are we ?

Areas is a company specialized in insurance portfolio optimization and brokerage for Swiss and international corporations, family offices, staff, and top management.

Since 2005, Areas brings a clear vision in insurance brokerage and portfolio optimization for institutional clients who represent 80% of our activity and essentially comes from the banking sector, commodities, hotel and food industry, services, mechanical engineering, aeronautics and maritime, pharmaceutical, watches and jewelry, aerospace, IT services, sports and events.

Totally independent of any insurance company or financial institution, Areas' main objective is to offer a global and highly personalized service, in order to build, develop and optimize a long-term relationship with its customers.
Our people have been trained among large insurance and brokerage institutions and all have a strong and specialized experience to propose a performant and creative global service.
Traditional values as well as proximity and partnership with our clients are part of our culture.

Customer Satisfaction
We act primarily in your own interest, and place a particular attention to offer every day the best of ourselves.

We provide a service of proximity with a dedicated team who perfectly understands your priorities.

Totally independent, we have a negotiation capability which allows us to obtain optimal conditions on the market.

In a world of constant evolution and presenting increasing risks, we imagine, create and deliver solutions which correspond to your challenges.

Ethics and transparency
These are the basis fondations of a business relationship based on delegation and competences.

We place a special attention to confidentiality in data management related to our insurance portofolio.

Areas was created in 2005 in Geneva.
Areas works with a team of specialists in insurance brokerage.
The company is independent from all insurance companies and is committed to acting in the best interest of its clients at all times.
Customer Satisfaction100%
Ethics & Transparency100%