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Financial Lines


As managers, members of a Board of Directors or a Audit Committee, executives are called upon every day to make decisions that are vital to the business. However, some actions may have severe consequences not only for the future of the organization, but also for managers’ private lives.

A simple error of judgment, omission, or violation of the rules could lead to personal liability and put a manager’s personal assets at risk.
D&O liability insurance protects individuals from both warranted and undue claims, covering defense costs and potential payment of damages.
Our team of specialists can identify clients' specific needs and propose a suitable solution.


Companies may be subject to wrongdoing by employees and/or third parties directly or indirectly targeting the business, including forgery, misappropriations of funds and inventories, scams, counterfeiting and computer fraud.

By violating internal rules and procedures, a dishonest employee or manager can cause financial damage and jeopardize the future of the business.
Crime insurance allows the business to defend itself against the risk of having to bear the financial consequences of fraud.

Thanks to our expertise and close collaboration with our insurance partners, we offer the capacity and guarantees to meet clients' requirements.


Any company faces a variety of risks due to its operations. Managers and employees are the key drivers of a business, but one error, one omission, one case of negligence, or even a malicious act in the performance of professional services can put a company's assets at risk.

Professional indemnity insurance covers the risks to which the company, its partners, and its staff are exposed in the event of flawed service, wrong advice or insufficient monitoring and quality control.

In this extensive and complex field of insurance, our team of experts is there to identify, evaluate, and design risk transfer solutions that meet your needs.


In an ever more complex economic landscape subject to increasingly stringent regulations, businesses can be confronted with employee claims grounded in real or alleged violations of regulations concerning individual labor relations.

The employment practice liability insurance policy covers legal costs along with damages paid by the business in the event of a conviction. With extensive experience in this domain, we can help mitigate the impact on your business.


The primary function of this policy is to protect the assets of pension funds. The PTL (“Pension Trust Liability”) policy covers the company, along with its executives and employees, in their capacity as managers of pension funds and provident institutions. It provides comprehensive coverage of the financial consequences of claims for damages, for all claims filed by a third party, including employees and their beneficiaries.

Our insight into occupational pensions guarantees you the best possible solution in this field.


Financial institutions lie at the heart of our profession as financial lines brokers. As such, we offer a wide range of competitive, tailor-made products designed with regard to the size and specific needs of clients active in the field of financial services. Thanks to our business volume and expertise in this area, we are able to offer highly specialized service level.


Mergers and acquisitions are the primary strategy of companies seeking to increase their capital. We offer solutions to help businesses manage the risks associated with mergers and acquisitions, providing a big picture perspective to help them evaluate, execute, and finalize transactions, whether as a buyer or a seller.
Leverage buy-out insurance is designed to cover the financial consequences of claims arising from a real or alleged breach of any representations or warranties made by the seller.
Stakeholders and advisors understand the importance of this product, which has become increasingly popular in financial operations to structure transactions and mitigate associated risks.
Areas will work with you to assess your needs and implement an insurance cover to secure your mergers and acquisitions.


In today’s digital world, cyber attacks, loss and theft of data, identity fraud, and denial-of-service attacks leaving websites and other information systems inaccessible are among the critical risks that may severely impact a company’s image and financial position.

Cybercrime is a growing problem in terms of the overall corporate strategy that today’s managers must pursue. An attack can devastate operations, causing financial losses, undermining client trust and damaging reputations.

A new era of increasingly stringent regulations is upon us, requiring managers to implement appropriate measures to protect their companies.
A pioneer in the field of cyber issues, Areas is here to advise you and meet your needs in this fast-changing IT environment.