Family Office

Services to families


We understand that every family is unique and has specific needs. That is why we insist on offering highly personalized service and absolute confidentiality.
Areas strives to ensure complete peace of mind for its clients, taking a comprehensive and rational approach to managing insurance programs with a vision focused on family values.
Always mindful of performance and optimization, Areas has an answer for all concerns associated with wealth protection.


Mindful of the specific needs of clients with substantial real estate assets, both in Switzerland and abroad, Areas adapts to highly diverse personal situations by designing tailor-made “comprehensive household insurance coverage” concepts.


Irreplaceable by nature, art collection requires special protection designed by a specialist.
In addition to its market value, a work of art can have sentimental value, which is why a tailored assessment is needed.
Areas works with you throughout the life of your collection, offering risk prevention and management advice, as well as expertise in implementing a personalized solution.
We operate with a particular regard for confidentiality, the key word when it comes to art and other valuables.


A collector’s vehicle reflects a passion and stands out for its uniqueness. That is why it deserves the utmost attention.

Sharing the same exceptional values, Areas offers you the best conditions on the market, designed specifically for your situation.


Owning a yacht or a luxury yacht is a unique experience that should not be spoiled by burdensome insurance management.

Thanks to its vast experience and the high-quality relationships it has developed with specialized partners over the years, Areas enjoys considerable freedom when it comes to project analysis.
We develop custom solutions to meet obligations amongst other concerns such as the flag of the vessels.


The aviation and space sector is constantly changing, leading to the emergence of new risks.

Areas specializes in aviation insurance for private jets, helicopters, and unmanned vehicles such as drones.

Our experience in this domain gives us insight into the issues at hand to design innovative solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs.


Insurance covering kidnapping and ransom demands (K&R) offers protection not only from financial damage, but also provides the benefit of consultation services with global leaders in the fields of security and crisis management.

Focused on death threats and risks of asset deterioration, disclosure of trade secrets and kidnapping, this insurance package is specifically designed for wealthy individuals and their families.

Areas provides regular information on hazardous areas and helps protect families around the world thanks to its extensive experience in implementing such policies.