Service to companies

Personal Accident & Payroll


Employees are an vital resource for effective business operation. To recruit and retain highly qualified staff, a company must offer high-quality social and occupational benefits.

Thanks to our relationships with HR departments and our expertise in the field of life and health insurance, we are well positioned to identify needs and design customized solutions in the following fields:

- Accidents under the LAA (Swiss federal law on accident insurance)
- Complementary LAA insurance
- Loss of earnings due to sickness
- Occupational benefits (LPP)
- Company savings plan
- Collective contracts covering medical treatment and recovery costs
- Expatriate solutions
- Individual provident insurance
- Key person
- Kidnapping & Ransom (K&R)


To optimize financial and accounting operations, businesses may choose to outsource payroll management. Areas works in partnership with the company Business-Koncept to propose effective, customized HR assistance solutions, including in particular the following services:

- Processing of pay slips
- Monthly or annual AVS - LAA filings
- Issuance of certificates (wages, withholding tax, etc.)
- Expense report management
- Coordination with social security and occupational benefit schemes
- Customized configuration
- Possibility of integration with ITK-COMPTA accounting software or the company's own program.